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By: Letty Saenz

Bullying was once a mild problem in public schools which was easily and quickly identified and punished unless it occurred after school. This was only a couple of decades ago!!! Now, today, it has gotten not just “out of control” but seemingly beyond repair!
Well, the good news is that the same magnetic mental power that feeds this vicious violent deadly force, can be overcome by that same magnetic mental power. The magnetic mental power that has bullying going strong and vivacious is one full of hate,anger,depression,low self-esteem and so much anxiety. Bullys are full of toxic or poisoned brain cells caused by negative experiences such as abuse, domestic violence, and feelings of rejection from a parent(s), school peers, or society in general.
The good news is  Nueroscience has proven that any person can experience a mental transformation through a metamorphic phenomenon which allows the brain cells to actually melt down and formulate brand new brain cells. The scientific evidence proves that the brain is made of Neuro plastic material that can be heated and melted through appropriate chemicals such as oxytocin, serotonin and adequate amounts of dopemine produced in high levels as stress is reduced, minimized and overcome. A metamorphic experience such as this one, not only provides a new brain, but also it recreates a new person with a new mind and attitude, but a most important, critical and urgent, new behavior which will lead to a better life, family, school experience and most powerfully, a new society!!! As bullys transform their minds from negative to positive and begin to operate in modes of love, peace and tranquility, bullying, addictions and violence will be wiped out to a substantial degree that will once again allow parents to tell their children,
” have a great day at SCHOOL!!!”, and mean it with confidence and not fear and anxiety. Bullying can stop!

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