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Attitude Positive vs. Negative

By   /  December 12, 2013  /  No Comments

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Attitude positive vs. negative They say that people with positive attitudes are healthier, live longer, and are mentally and physically stronger. As I studied the prefix syllable of the words positive and negative, I analyzed them and realized that they correlate with the words posses and negate, so I found it intetesting that a positive attitude causes us to posess good things and both words begin with the letters pos, and that a negative attitude causes the negative of good things in a persons’s life and both negative and negate begin with neg. So if we are to posess and enjoy any good thing in life it is mandatory that we practice and apply positive attitude habbits. But the good things will definetely be negated or denied to us if we practice and apply negative attitude habbits. Every single person has the power to choose the good things or the bad things and the only requirement is to have a brain.

Letty Saenz

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