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LG news is about promoting success in every area including business, education, health, weight control, marriage, finances, political, social, emotional, and every area. LG news is also about promoting spritual, physical, and emotional strength in order to strengthen our youth, families, community and society as a whole! LG news is also about fun, comedy, entertainment, and inspiration with the purpose of restoring the family, community and social strength. Finally LG news is about transforming and radically revitalizing individual lives in order to transform and radically revolutionizing our world by helping to decrease crisis such as bullying, suicide, domestic and public violence murder, child abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, mental and physical diseases, obesity, divorce, health problems, poverty, fear anger, depression, frustration, low self esteem, anxiety, and all negative conflicts. I am determined to help impact our society, our state, our
nation and our world!